Develop flexible integrated logistics processes, enabling customers to optimize time and costs in the supply chain with high standards of quality and safety.


Positioning American Logistics in 2020 as a leader in integrated logistics processes with national and international presence company, standing out for its strength and infrastructure, fulfilling corporate expectations.


AMERICAN LOGISTICS SAS is an organization dedicated to developing integrated logistics operations focused on providing transportation services, warehousing, inventory management and logistics specialist, providing safe operations by controlling threats, risks and impacts and continuous improvement of the integrated system management, supported by the commitment of top management and its employees, under the framework of corporate social responsibility, to maintain a friendly and beneficial environment, preventing all kinds of risks that may cause injuries and illnesses, like that environmental contamination from its activities by managing quality standards, safety, environment, safety and health at work, we want the customer satisfaction, security in the supply chain, good environmental performance, welfare of employees and their families, and social work with neighboring communities, firmly committed to compliance with legal requirements, the customer, defined by the organization and other applicable.