AMERICAN LOGISTICS S.A.S currently has logistics centers, with spaces that can provide its customers with safe storage of goods, supported by a special technology platform for our customers to access in real time to their inventories and goods movements time. (WMS LAB ADVANCED LOGISTICS CELLAR).
We currently have storage in the cities of Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Villavicencio, Barranquilla and Cartagena.

We quote the opening of a credit for the transportation of their offices at the national, zonal and urban level, collection, transportation and delivery door to door shipping one piece or “n” units covered under an overland shipment of cargo.
We have a fairly extensive network coverage that allows us to deliver in 6 and 12 hours in urban areas and 24 national in major cities, in the case of special paths delivery times are between 36.48 and 72 hours nationwide .



Collection, transport and certified documents or envelopes 1 kilo to 5 kilos of weight per unit and package goods with more than 1 kilos covered under one or guidance documents package delivery weight.

The type of transportation for this product is land, air and today if authorized by the client and inform in advance.

Deliveries to Bogota level between 6 and 12 hours for major cities in a national course of 24 hours and for special trips, it has approximately transit time between 36.48 and 72 hours performed.

specialized in handling urgent bills or filing of documents that require immediate return by the recipient service. The service starts with providing an envelope plasticized, containing the output guide and return. These guidelines are diligenciadas or preprinted with the data sender (output guide) and the recipient (guide return).
American Logistics SAS provides a stock of about freight, in the amounts required monthly.

The on freight are delivered numbered according to a row to be associated with numbers assigned guides, which will ensure effective control of inventory that is under your responsibility.

Free load or full containers for delivery quotas dedicated point to point URBAN AND NATIONAL . The type of transport is terrestrial and deliveries in normal times; we have different types of vehicles with GPS satellite tracking, media.